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  • » From "Fake Gary Rossington pg on Facebook" // October 29, 2013 8:29:10 PM UTC

    Hey Fake Gary the cd pusher is gone! And so is Jackie Lowery. I don't understand why they would both leave around the same time,oh and so did a Bob Burns we all thought was him. The other Bob who talks about his wife is still here. So I kinda think that page that left was fake because it was tied up with the Faking Gary. Now there is one more that is ran by a girl(who don't talk) and another that is a fan page because they have asked different question about Gary. I seen a new page and thought he finally got a page and got excited but no dice. But hey a guy can dream. So thaz the latest on cd making Gary he's gone. And oh BTW Jackie used to play country for Lefty Frizzels Brother David. The guy who wrote I'm gonna Hire a Wino( to decerate our home) back in the 80's he did have pictures of that on his page and I thought to myself "Man, if that was me I'd be bragging my ass off over that. Not trying to fake a deal on ppl." But I gess to each his own. I hope the SMC was good this sad year because it was out during Oct.20. I was a little uneasy till I knew they were home. These are the only guys I feel the most conection with not just Gary but Ricky and Johny too. But Gary has them beat for number 1 :-) so y'all be good and if anymore happends I'll keeep y'all posted. This has been The Bad Man, Rich, or on facebook Rich DoubleTrouble Robinson. Stop by and we'll chat. B-)

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