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  • » From "Skynyrd Fan Since '74" // November 04, 2012 3:35:46 AM UTC

    I recently ordered and recieved the acoustic album "Endangered Species" and it instantly went to my favorite "post crash" release .Likeing it so much,and knowing that my very dear old friend,Brian, loved Skynyrd as much as I do,i had to get one for him also.He recieved it today and responded with the following email to me.I hope he doesent get mad that im shareing this but hes so much better with word than I am.Suffice it to say....I have loved Lynyrd Skynyrd since 1974 when I was a mixed up adolesent 14 year old.Thank God I had Skynyrd.

    "Just got the CD today, I coild tell it was a treasure by the way you protectively packaged it and I LOVE it! really reveals the true heart of an extended family of musicians and true friends that in spite of the tragic chronology of events that would have most likely dismantled and splintered any family, group of friends, organization, most famous group of musicians etc etc. The worst of the worst carries on to inspire and unite to an even stonger productive relationship amoungst the rest of the best. The survivors as well as the descendants of the founding fathers are all contributors as much as they are heirs and bebeficiaries; Each in their own way... The Legacy carries on and on and continues to touch the hearts of every generation and every good musician...

    In the same way the true meaning of Aloha has been distorted and diluted almost beyond recognition so has the true heart of the Southern States... Lynyrd Skynyrd maintains their integrity and renown for the same purpose Isreal Kamakawiwao'le has perpetuated the true nature of his culture through music.. The Universal Language of Love.. Peace Bro, Mahalo nui loa and A hui hou! (until we meet again) Let's forever keep in touch my dear old friend! -B."

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