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    @WildHorsesOnThePlanes: I was not directing anything at you specifically, just read all the posts on the thread and threw in my two cents. I dont know if you are doing this, but it bothers me personally that people have a problem with the "religious" nature of songs, but those songs that espouse an anti God agenda are considered just fine because that is the artist's right. I am speaking of music on the whole, not just Skynyrd. I am a Christian and I realize that not all share my thoughts on this matter.

    The sermonizing (religious or irreligious) and or poltical nature of an album has been around for a long time now and certainly was the driving force behind the 60's. Pink Floyd, "The Wall" and many other come to mind. I guess what I am saying is that this is not new in music and Skynyrd is adding their voice and their belief to the mix. The past two albums have clearly ramped up the political and religious aspects of their songwriting. Like everybody else in the music industry, they will produce the music they choose to produce and we will all decide to buy and listen or not.


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