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    I have been a Skynyrd fan my whole life my first concert was I think 1976 Lakeland Florida and I one the tickets on the radio. The group did an autograph signing at the Colonial Mall in Orlando Fla which I was told I got there autograph and hugged them all but cant remember it my best friend however still has the napkin with Ronnie Van Zandts auto graph and I am so jealous. I remember that concert like yesterday I was standing in the front row barley 4' tall and around 13 years old I will never forget when Ronnie Van Zandt and I locked eyes for a moment that felt like eternity I was in love at first album cover but really in love in person! I got hit in the head with a freesbi but didnt care, I got stoned but didnt care, watched a man trip out by my feet but wasnt paying any attention to any of that stuff I was focused on one man only!!! and even got handed one of those liquor things you hold upside down and chugged down what felt like gasoline but I didnt care. I never left that front row I had on my special black top with a little circle cut out so if i had boobs then they would have been popping out but I didnt so it just laid flat but I didnt care! I knew Ronnie was in love with me too, he only sang to me every song was I remember Casey and Steve Gaines I was so jealous of the girls wanted to be up there with them. I still have a cassette tape that my brother and his friends made of me pretending to be interviewing Skynyrd while they were in town for a concert we had Freebird playing in the background while my brother and his friends pretended to be Skynyrd and I even ask them were they ready to party and get high and they all said f***yeah. So funny maybe I should send it to you guys so you could get a good laugh! Also went on the Simple-man Cruise 2008 with you all and had the time of my life with my hubby and lots of awesome pictures. Even have a little video of Ean Evans sitting at the bar having a drink with us telling us all about his new place...miss him:( Oh yes lets not forget how I lost my panties while Skynyrd was playing on stage I have no idea how that happened damn security manOh yeah even got a picture together with handsome Rickey Medlocke we looked great together. Anyways I have a long history with my favorite group I am so glad I had the opportunity to grow up rocking to Skynyrd no other band ever will be able to fill your shoes Love U all!!!!
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