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  • » From "Life in Lynyrd Skynyrd... by Johnny Colt" // July 11, 2013 5:55:40 AM UTC

    I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia and southern anything runs in my blood. Lynyrd Skynyrd and I grew up together along with the Allman Brothers and the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Skynyrd was always my favorite and I followed them on many tours until my heart was wrenched from me that horrible day on Oct. 20, 1977.

    Since then I have watched you guys work so hard to carry on a southern legacy and you have done us Southern boys so proud. Johnny, your battle with drugs and drink are far too common. But as Ronnie once said "you gotta pick up the pieces and go on". You are still around so that speaks a lot about your drive. Don't beat yourself up Brother, just keep on living the music.

    God Bless you Lynyrd Skynyrd.....

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