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    This time of year always brings sorrow and memories of that fatefull day, an event that was forever etched in my life, as for many others like me. Being born in the south, not that far from Atlanta in Northwest Ga, Southern music was and has been my main staple of music. Though I like all music there was something special about the Allman Brothers and the up and coming Marshall Tucker Band in the early 70's. While cruzin through the monthly booklet of Record Club of America I saw an unfamilar name, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Reading the "pitch" on the band, something like "up and coming hard driving southern boogie rock n roll...." told me to get it. This was late 1972 I'm thinkin'. Though they had been playing in Atlanta bars I wasn't quiet old enough to be part of that scene, being only 17 teen,
    so I had no idea as to who they were. When I got that 8 track in from the record club I natually shoved it in the player. Righ off the bat I knew I had something. Simple Man grabbed me pretty fast. I took that 8 track to town and literally turned my whole town onto Lynyrd Skynyrd. As the old saying goes...."the rest is history". Thus my loyality to Skynyrd as the "one" band that stands out the most in my life. Heck, one of my old friends called to remind me of the date yesterday and my nephew who plays guitar in the Atlanta scene texted me about the day last night. I'll always remember waking up and cutting on the TV at West Ga College in 77 and seeing the news that morning. I can't remember anything more devastating. I could go on and on about concerts and such but I will say that watching them come on stage at the old Atlanta Stadium and blowing it out in 74, toppling out the Allman Brothers and Marshall Tucker was and event I'll always remember. Ole' Ronnie, that guy was serious when he took the stage...every time. Thinkin' about you guys, past and present. Goat

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