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    @imkimssister: No, Peaches you understand it perfectly. The rebel flag will be on stage as always, It's just the back drop, behind the drummer that their talking about. Alot of people have not gotten into Skynyrd because of a flag that they do not under stand, which is sad. don't forget the swastiki(?) Nazi flag, was a sign of peace, before Hitler hijacked it. Much like the KKK and other skin heads that stoled the symbol of the south, shows the mentality of hate groups, they can't think up their own symbol, so just steal someone elses. People here know that I love Skynyrd (old and new), some still asked if they are rascists,so, although I don't like the idea of dropping the rebel back drop, I do understand why. It has not change my feelings for this legendary band they have been and always will be the ultimate band for me and thousands of others. Thank you.

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