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    I disasociated myself after Billy Webb brought that truck team into the mix.I am thinking this is the race team you are mentioning.It had a pretty good guy from The Rockingham area,Billys old hometown, involved in it.Larry suffers from VERY bad health.I did not get invited to play with these boys ,and,at the time was a little hurt.Gene was a very close family friend of ours.My family and friends did a lot of benefits for he and his grandson.Each time I spoke to any Skynyrd members from their and Genes old neighborhood,or anyone else that knew Gene,they warned me that things were not what they seemed.I always put it down to jealousy.I put Gene and his book on one of the Arena Racing teams we owned for an entire season.This sponsorship was worth 10 to 25k for a year.We also owned the Lynyrd Skynyrd/Allen Collins Tribute car that Artimus committed to drive with Kyle Busch.Artimus backed out after I helped pay for the new album,Artimus Venemous.If you look at the aLbum credits he thanks us there.We asked not to have our names included because of a conflict of interest and not wanting people to know I had put money into it.I gave him the trailer he pulls his band equipment around in to show him no hard feelings.My daughter gave River a new four wheeler so he and Artimus could ride.It was around that time that we got pretty involved with Cup and also my sons racing career.I just drifted away from the site.People started coming around telling me that money had not been used for the things we donted it to.The last event Billy and I were involved in was the 30 year anniversary.Gene does not own a computer.He would actually phone his stories in to some new moderator and they would put them up.I was told by Billy he sold the site as he planned to move home,which he has.Understand I loved Gene and really thought we were doing good things for his family.He spent months out of 5 years or so staying in Condos and driving my families truck and cars all over the country.I gave him autographed guitars four wheelers gold records etc.,today he has nothing I or any friends gave him.Billy and a hundred other people tried to tell me he was doing this and I was an idiot.He sold it for little or nothing.He lives with his daughter ans son in law.I still talk to him but do not fall for his investments anymore.That led to me not seeing him for a year at a time.I bought a Ferrari a few years back from a collection in Fern Park.Genes son in law brought it to me in S.C. and when I opened the trailer they broke the right mirror shell.I sent money for the trailer and insured it through them.They got a $500.00 cheaper trailer with no insurance.VIP has brought dozens of motorcycles to me and cars so its usually$500-800 one way.It ended up over 2k.The final event was during the RRHOF.He asked me to get a guitar autographed by the Skynyrd boys.He sat inthe lobby and waited several hours with Billy Webb.I would never lug it around during the ceremony and it was not the proper time anyway.When we got to the lobby he flipped out in front of literally hundreds of the people and trashed me for not getting it done then.He embarrased us and looked like an idiot.He was upset that my wife and I payed JoJo and Leslies seating fees and that Artimus and I had not asked Larkin Sr to let him attend. Les will tell you today that they thought they were just going as honorees.They did not know untill the soundcheck they were performing.I did not find out who the new moderator was and got Willie and Ray Evernham off after they got hit for money.I do not remember the driver of the truck but I do not think they ever won a race.People from the old site were not bad people,they got duped by greed.Gene sold some poor soul a microphone he sold me for a $1000.00.It came to me from Kent Griffith through Gene.It was in an old road case of Allens.He brought it to me the day they left for N.Y. in 06 as they needed money for gas and rooms.I kept it for four years or so and actually gave it back to Gene cause he was so broke.He sold it to some fan and told them it was more than likely the last mike Ronnie used!This was during one of those bus tour deals.I know this is too long but one more,I bought Ronnies Street Survivor hat from him for several grand.I never got anything other than his word it was legit.He promised me a letter notarised.Ha!I GAVE IT BACK TO HIM! NO MONEY! He sold it again to another victim that I believe is named Robbin .My wife was talking to the wives and Judy told her in N Y she didnt have the heart to tell me I got suckered.I did these things myself,no one made me.I am a 54 year old dumbass.Now I realise why the site turned out to be a waste of time and my initial funding.I am still friends with Billy and hate to ask him if he has been lying to me.His wife kind of played into his backing off as well.I dont think he had involvement in the last couple of years.He told me he sold it as Gene didnt come around when he stopped putting money into the items they sold.I wonder where they were getting their stuff from.There was a sweet girl ,last name of Graham that Gene also used for money.Oh well,wonders never cease.

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