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    Maybe I make to much about it.
    But I wanted the boys in the band to know I sent it.
    It may not have been Fox and Friends' fault, I suppose.
    The next show (9AM) was the one that jumped in with the balloon update.
    I just expected a little more air time for them to actually play some of the song.
    It was a very abrupt and unnecessary cut in, I thought.
    It was cold and they said they started setting up at 2am to play.
    It wasn't really "burning news",
    Burn in hell may be a little strong (LOL) but a good warm up might be in order.

    ( I did "sign" my email)

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Sent to Fox yesterday

Posted by Notahemi in You Got That Right !!! October 20, 2009 10:23:25 AM UTC
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