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  • » From "Lynyrd Skynyrd Bio" // August 26, 2012 5:22:30 PM UTC

    I have been a fan since 1973 when they put out there first record and i can tell you right now
    they stand for whats right ! and now all we have is the gop to bring change . Look at Obama
    and the hope and change is has done for us now ! He wants your guns he has said he sorry
    everywhere he go's about America's past . Have any of you just looked at Obamas past or
    what he did as a senator or in life . The gop is our only hope right now to change what Obama
    has done he is going to give amnesty to illegals 800.000 that dont even want to be here they just want
    money and there getting it thanks to Obama with tax loop holes that there getting 20.000 and 30.000
    refunds . If ronny were here he would get with gop just to stop obama ! He getting the illegals to vote
    by stoping voting id laws is this what you want a man that needs illegals to vote for him its time to
    get him out and i dont know if romney is the best but he is better then Obama and we have seen his
    birth records his college records and he has worked in Amerca What about Obama hmm !!!!!!

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