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    =Zachm16 said:I am 14 years old but having been listening to Skynyrd all my life but I was severely disappointed with this new album. It's not true to your musical roots. It sounds like all the other generic country poppy music out there. Compare any song on this album to something by Kenny Chesney or the other country singers and the only difference is in their voices. Now the politics in the songs I won't get into other than saying I don't think Ronnie was as conservative as Johnny, because, for example, Things Goin' On was a political song and was written during the Nixon presidency. And now this stuff with Bret Michaels and the music videos, well, the band is going down the wrong track, and, it really pains me to say this but they sold out. When I say they sold out I dont mean Skynyrd I mean the current members, I doubt any of the original members with the exception of Gary would want this. I'm surprised any of the current members would make this type of "music" either, but especially Gary. And if by some bizzare miracle they're reading this than I hope you make better music for your next album, if not for the fans then for the spirits of the band.

    'Zach I'm glad to see that a 14 yr old is getting involved with things and thinking. But, I disagree with you. First off this album sounds NOTHING like Kenny Chesney. If you want to here country from Johnny listen to some Van Zant stuff (great music by the way). This album is so well made and really sings directly to the hearts of Americans who are concerned with the destination of this great nation. Our founding fathers created this nation on the ROCK SOLID foundation of GOD&GUNS. This was for a good reason. This foundation allowed us to become THE superpower of the world in about 100 years. This didn't come about through huge governments ruling every aspect of your life, it came about through the hard work and sweat that was put in by the citizens of this great country. This album TRULY encompasses the concerns of the people of this nation. We are shredding our constitution and allowing it to be ravaged by a government that, if not contained will continue to gorge itself on our freedoms. We need to revert back to a constitutionalist mentality. We have strayed unacceptably far from our base.

    In my family i have the best of both worlds as an American. On my father's side we have been in America since before the Revolution. On my mother's side, her father (my grandfather) Immigrated here from Greece directly after the end of WWII. He had to eat worms, maggots, and the occasional blessing of Allied airdropped canned beans. He watched friends brutalized and murdered. He watched his mother beaten by a Nazi officer while he tried to save her by throwing rocks at the SOB. He watched his uncle shot down on the steps of a library by an SS officer. All the while without a father. My great grandfather was a part of the Greek resistance and was constantly fighting guerrilla warfare in the mountains and valleys of Greece to help free his people from the iron clutches of the Third Reich. After the war ended my great-grandfather took his family to the US. They went through Ellis Island and bought an apartment in Maine. My grandfather then got a job after about 2 years as a paper boy once he was able to speak English well enough to shout out the headlines. He was constantly the target of malicious children whom he had to fight off on a daily basis. This made him a very tough boy. When he was 13 he and his family moved to San Bernardino, CA. He went to high school and joined the golf team. He worked as a caddy at the local country club. He was only allowed to use the club facilities for practice on Monday's (maintenance day). Every other day of the week he would ride his bicycle to the junior high where they would allow him to hit off the dirt on the baseball field. He was first man on the golf team after having taught himself his swing. He never lost a match to a man by the name of Dave Stockton whom was his good friend and was 2nd man on the gold team. (to those who don't know golf, dave stockton was on the PGA tour until he retired in the 80's). My grandfather chose not to become professional though. He chose to get a higher education and became a businessman. He now is very wealthy and very successful. Growing up, he and his family were literally DIRT POOR. They never used a food stamp and never used welfare. Only through hard wok did he succeed. That is what makes America great, stories like his, stories of opportunity that was used and not thrown away or taken for granted. A dirt poor immigrant family who barely survived the Nazi occupation to a wealthy businessman and AMAZING golfer. (he is now 71 with a bad back and still shoots sub-par rounds with scores comparable to Tour Pros, hes never taken a golf lesson).

    But this is the kind of thing that we are lacking in America today. My grandfather who hates rock, rap (loves old country though) and other kinds of music because of the messages portrayed, LOVES this album because of the message. this album truly touches the true america, not the welfare abusing, lazy, drug-using, and gun-fearing crowd. We need more stories like this in America today. I pray to God that people wake up and see that if we don't take action NOW this country will continue its spiral downward and will within the next decade spiral out of control and the America we know today will be all but forgotten. It saddens me to see people so willing to THROW AWAY the freedoms that so many have GIVEN THEIR LIVES FOR. I love this country and will not allow it to slip away from us just because of the ignorance of the brainwashed masses. We need to make some noise and let people know about the TRUE AMERICA, and that is why i love this album because it shows the true side of AMERICA!!!!

    Well that was my opinion O_o

    To all yall who have read other posts of mine and kind of know me I want to see if you can guess my age. Send your guess to my profile inbox.

    You are all great folk and this is a grand forum.

    Rock on and get in touch with your real American roots: Family, God, Friends, Fun, and FREEDOM.

    Oh and in case you didn't catch at this point...I'm the bone, no, to the marrow....

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