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    Here's what I've been able to piece together regarding who played on what from various interviews, liner notes, etc.:

    Ean plays on Little Thing Called You, Comin' Back For More, Raining In My Heartland, Hobo Kinda Man, the live tracks, and probably Bang Bang.

    Billy plays on Raining In My Heartland (obviously), the live tracks, and I'm pretty sure that's him on Bang Bang. I'm not sure if he's on anything else. Johnny said in a Billboard interview that Ean and Billy were both on Hobo Kinda Man but I'm not hearing any keyboards on that one.

    Producer Bob Marlette plays piano on Southern Ways and most likely does the other keyboard parts not played by Billy.

    Session player Michael Rhodes plays bass on the remaining tracks.

    While Billy and Ean are not listed under musicians, they are listed as Lynyrd Skynyrd members (look at the top of the page in the liner notes). Peter Keys and Robert Kearns are not mentioned on the album, though they do appear in photos on the album.

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