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  • » From "that ain't my America" // October 14, 2009 4:58:37 PM UTC

    This is an excerpt from Billboard magazine's article on Skynyrd's induction into the Rock Hall of Fame:

    "Skynyrd tempered its rock'n'roll fire with insightful ballads and social consciousness. The band's debut album, "(pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd)" in 1973, not only boasted sizzling rockers like "Gimme Three Steps," but also keening ballads in "Tuesday's Gone" and the timeless anthem "Freebird." Lyricist Van Zant addressed such issues as gun control, social discrimination and environmentalism before they were fashionable."

    Now I remember Sara stating that the fans on this board appreciated and respected both the old and the new Skynyrd, but while reading all these conspiracy theories and ridiculous Ted Nugent quotes I'm still having a hard time finding any kind of respect for Ronnie Van Zants concerns about gun control, social discrimination and environmentalism. Please prove me wrong.

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