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    Okay, I'm not sure of how to get a response from the band, but hopefully somehow they'll get ahold of this letter ! I'm writing it for my husband Dwayne Higgs who passed away Fathers Day (June17th of 2012) . He was a really big fan for at least 35 years, couldn't listen to you wthout letting his emotions take over(all of them). He was in a motor vehicle accident in 2000 that left him paralyzed from the neck down, but believe me when I say he kept rocking until the day he passed in his sleep! The first concert he attended after his accident was yours and ironically his last concert he attended was yours 11 years later.When your song "Still Unbroken" came out he was sure it was written for him.LOL Anyway, the reason I'm writing you again is to let you that we took him for his last ride the day of his services on the back of a bike and we are having a memorial run for him this year and donating all the proceeds to "Operation Comfort" and want to name the run "Still Unbroken" . we are hoping to have your blessing and or permission to use the name.If I had the money I would just hire you to play for it ,but of course I don't ! It's almost been a year so the run is being planned and we have to name it, to get a tax exempt number for donations. I know people are probably always asking for something from you and I don't want to sound like a kook, just wanted to make sure it's alright with you all for us to use the name "Still Unbroken" Please respond either way a.s.a.p.. Still grieving widow, Debbie Higgs /

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