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    =Ohiodawg said:My first brush with LS was in November '73 @ the Cow Palace in San Francisco. They were the opening act for The Who as they had recently signed with The Who's label MCA. From what I've read over the years this was the first night of the tour and the bands first Arena gig. Sad to say my best friend & I spent most of their set in the parking lot gettin' tuned up for The Who performance. We came in as they were on the last song, but I was immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw 3 guitars smokin' up the stage and could feel the excitement from the crowd. They left and the crowd begged for more and I was amazed when an opening act came back for an encore, unheard of back then. Well what happened next knocked my johnson in the dirt as they played Freebird.....I WAS HOOKED!!! It's been a long, sometimes sad ride since that night, but if anybody ever asks who my all-time favorite band is it's a no-brainer. It got more memorable when The Who came on and 3 songs in Keith Moon OD'd right off his stool twice and a kid from the audience was brought up to sit in and jam with Pete, Rodger, and The Ox. Can't wait for the next gig!!!
    J Dawg

    LOL, That's a great friggin' story J Dawg! Of course I have heard of Moon passing out at the drums and I think there is even video of Pete asking the audience if there is/was anyone out there WHO could drum, like REALLY drum, right? But, I did not know that it happened in San Francisco, nor did I know that it was a night that Skynyrd played with them!

    I have heard and read others state that LS was awesome on that tour, but I DID NOT know that they did encores as an opening act. I had older friends (than me) that saw the Who and LS at Capital Centre in December, 1973, but, like you, they had no idea at that time just who Lynyrd Skynyrd was! However, they knew who they were after that night!.

    Thanks for sharing.

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