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  • » From "Simple Life" // March 04, 2011 9:16:07 PM UTC

    Ashl W. Mitchell

    Sends his warmest regards to all of you.
    I really have lost emotional & music track of what you
    have been up too around here lately.
    I went on some journeys of life an took some time to leave
    almost all my music behind to do new things.
    Caught up today an heard the Siimple Life and was Proud.
    I'm glad somebody has been holding down the fort.
    All I know is all I seen when gone kind of needed something like that.
    Not sure if they'll listen.
    Would be nice if, an can't hurt none.
    I only have good things to say about you guys an the music. So I'm going to
    try to hear what has been going on the next few days if I get a time.
    I'm behind you an support in a way always for you are so much a part of me
    even having a life.
    Is why I am here now to say thanks to every single one of you.
    I have been away from touching musical base with you all and damn near lost my mind. Times sure have changed an you seen those times
    coming an I really thought we were winning.
    Maybe are still in a new decade, just sure is tough.
    Love you all !
    Have a nice Friday Night !
    A nice touching ties here this time for sure ! >

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