Your Show in Wenatchee, WA on September 26th, 2012
September 19, 2012 3:42:47 PM UTC Post #1


Your upcoming visit to Wenatchee, Washington on Wednesday, September 26th will be greatly appreciated, now more than ever. Our town has been enveloped in wildfire smoke for well over a week now. The air quality (yes, they measure that) has either been "Very Dangerous" or "Hazardous".
We have beautiful mountains, rivers and excellent outdoor opportunities here: Hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, water skiing, you name it. IF it weren't so smoky, we'd be enjoying 80-90+ degree late summer days. We can't see the sun. It's getting a little depressing; which is very unusual for our community.
We have tickets to your upcoming show, and am eager for it, let me tell you.

Looking forward to the show!

outdoorslover1, aka Cindy

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