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September 30, 2012 6:17:52 AM UTC Post #1

Oh no......a bunch of funkin skunkers! Any of you guys remember the Alaskan Thunderf**k story mentioned in the book?The band came home from the road telling stories about this stuff that you only had to look at and you were done.I have asked Gary about it and he just grins,Allen swore it really happened.It was always something that he talked about when he would ride me in his Jeep.I always drooled cause he made it sound so cool! I was a ripe old 14-15 year old and usually driving him on back roads around Green Cove Springs.He ran into a ditch on Rorer 714 s and got two black eyes,looked lile a raccoon.He told Mr.Larkin and Betty I did it while he was showing me how to drive.It was a brown CJ 5 with the 304 v8.It was a Skynyrd legend that Leon called B.S. on.He said them turds couldnt find it on a map,much less get there.Maybe I did learn SOMETHING from Allen.It has taken me about 45 minutes to type this cause the colas were mighty plentiful here in the cornfields on our old farm.Nothing like a little camo for the lowriders my neighbor has gotten so good at.I prefer to gorilla it on property that we dont like the owners of.I know that is childish and not being a good citizen and I am probably wandering and not making any sense and seem about as literate as an Obama Bin Laden supporter and I forgot what I wanted to say so screw me.Just remember,everything is o.k........The government is here now to help you.

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