Tulane Stadium and 36 years
October 20, 2013 9:55:45 PM UTC Post #1

I was 15 years old and had tickets to see Ronnie and the boys at old Tulane Stadium in New Orleans July 1976. Skynyrd, ZZ Top and J Geils. Was a good day till they announced Skynyrd would not play due to Ronnie not feeling well. The crowd did not like the news and the next thing we saw were the NO police coming in with riot gear and busting heads left and right. Many people bleeding on the ground. It was my first concert and what an indoctrination! J Geils filled in for Skynyrd and ZZ Top finished it off.
As the years have gone by I just fell in love with the music and just regret not having the opportunity to see the original band play.
I live about 40 minutes from where the plane went down and actually met a person here in Baton Rouge who was an acquaintance with the original band.
All I can do is write about it!

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