Tuesday's Gone.....and so many more
November 29, 2010 9:30:00 PM UTC Post #1

Today I watched the remastered "Behind The Music: Lynyrd Skynyrd", and was unawair of the more recent deaths since our good friend Billy Powell. I was shocked to hear that Hughie Thomasson and Mr. Leonard Skinner had passed. We have lost so many in this circle and I just wanted to give the remaining members how much Lynyrd Skynyrd still means to all of us natives of Jacksonville and how much we appreciate what our fallen members as well as the rejuvenated member lineup has given us. God and Guns is an awesome album and a fitting peice of the puzzle. May God continue to bless us all and keep on honky tonkin boys.....We love you!

December 01, 2010 4:21:27 AM UTC Post #1

I just watched it too and it was a GREAT show!!!!

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

December 01, 2010 8:45:05 PM UTC Post #2

=ls-tuesdays_gone said:Today I watched the remastered "Behind The Music: Lynyrd Skynyrd",

Amen and I agree with all you said. Was that on cable or satellite? If so what channel. I can't believe I missed it.

December 02, 2010 12:32:18 AM UTC Post #3

It's on Vh1 Classic again today and Friday. http://www.vh1classic.com

December 02, 2010 1:38:19 AM UTC Post #4

If this Behind the music doesn't give you goose bumps and make you sad and angry, you're not human

December 02, 2010 1:16:17 PM UTC Post #5


Thanks!! I did catch it last night and tried to tape it, but my tape shut off. Then I tried to tape again in the middle of the night and the audio was screwed up. I'll have to try again. It was great - further fed my addition to them. So sad. Learned new stuff. How amazing they all are! When Gary said that he is continuing on doing what the rest would have done and that he will tell them all about it when he joins them some day, it gave me chills.

December 02, 2010 10:36:15 PM UTC Post #6

Yes, that was a very good show...I actually watched it with my dad a few days ago and we both thought it was kind of funny when the reporter (in the 70s interview after the plane crash) asked Billy "Will there be a Lynyrd Skynyrd after this?" and Billy kind of paused and said "...I don't think so." I love the fact that there still is a Lynyrd Skynyrd now. Even though there aren't the same people in the band, they are still carrying out a legacy, and I'm glad that they are able to do that.

December 03, 2010 11:36:29 AM UTC Post #7

Yep it's on tonight at 7pm on comcast vh1 channel 277.

I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

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