TOP 5 Songs from God & Guns???
October 01, 2009 8:57:19 AM UTC Post #21

1. Gifted Hands (Great Tribute...and lyrics)
2. God & Guns
3. Still Unbroken
4. Skynyrd Nation (great opening song live!)
5. That Ain't My America
5. Southern Ways

October 01, 2009 7:37:56 PM UTC Post #22

I see a lot of people have the song "Gifted Hands" on their list. I just love that song--it's such a beautiful tribute song!

October 01, 2009 7:51:25 PM UTC Post #23

Southern Ways is a great tune.. The CD exceeded my expectations. Alot more hard rock than country which i found refreshing. I like a little more of a heavier sound personally.

October 01, 2009 9:48:17 PM UTC Post #24

Was so excited to get God & Guns on the day it came out. Dressed in concert T-shirt, went to Best Buy, purchased it, haven't stopped listening yet. It is so damn good! Love EVERY song! Brilliant songwriting, killer guitars, Johnny's sexy voice, Rickey's sexy voice, what more can you ask for!!!

October 01, 2009 10:25:04 PM UTC Post #25

@NBwag: I guess just back stage passes!!

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

October 01, 2009 11:12:39 PM UTC Post #26

OMG--backstage passes---that would be the dream of a lifetime!!

October 02, 2009 10:52:17 PM UTC Post #27

@LSforever: I think that would be a GREAT prize for a fan club member!!!! Years ago when I first joined the fan club (You know when you got a membership card to put in your wallet--the "old days".) I dreamed that I was at a concert and they called out a fan club member to come backstage and hang with the band and it WAS ME!!!!! Now, wouldn't that be something! BTW....I still have my last "membership card" in my wallet from many years ago.

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

October 03, 2009 2:54:53 PM UTC Post #28

@Sweet Home AL Sara:
Take good care of what will be the 4th generation Skynyrd Fans !

October 03, 2009 3:11:32 PM UTC Post #29

1. Simple Life
2. Southern Ways/ That Ain't my America
3. Gifted Hands
4. Storm
5. Raining in my Heartland

The entire album is great!! I could only narrow it down to 6 songs. Thank you Skynyrd for keeping the music alive! I'm sure Billy, Ean and all the fallen freebirds are looking down and are very proud. Keep on rockin'!

October 06, 2009 12:25:39 AM UTC Post #30

My Top Five list would be:

(1) Gifted Hands
(2) Unwrite that Song
(3) That Ain't My America
(4) Floyd
(5) Southern Ways

Having been a Skynyrd fan since I was a teenager in the seventies, I must say this is one of their best albums. Their concerts are the best of all the bands I grew up with and followed through the years Through all the tragedies this band has suffered, they have never forgotten their roots. They have the unique ability to change and still keep it close to the original Skynyrd.

We have all changed since the seventies, including Skynyrd, but we still remember where we came from as they do. I love the diversity in the songs, all with their own meanings. I truly believe that the best song on the album is Gifted Hands, the tribute to Billy. The first time I heard it, it brought tears to my eyes. The words, Gary's riffs and Ricky's lead will live on as will Billy. I hope to see Ronnie, Steve, Cassie, Allen, Leon, Hughie, Billy and Ian when I take that ride

Even though I have to drive more than eight hours to see a Skynyrd concert now, I hope to have the opportunity to see you all in concert once again. May God Bless Lynyrd Skynyrd. Remember, Always believe in yourself, love hope & faith are the makers plans.

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