the music goes on
November 08, 2009 10:56:58 AM UTC Post #1

Ever since I went to see Skynyrd at Knebworth I have been totally in love with everything they have ever done, but WOW! God and Guns what an album, friends I have played it to have been blown away by just how good it is. In spite of the numerous tragedies which have befallen them Skynyrd still rock big time, I loved Vicious Cycle but God and Guns is just so fresh so committed. I was really upsety when Billy was lost to us and was seriously worried that after the long and arduous journey which Skynyrd have travelled that the end had come but God and Guns is like a rebirth, all the things which made the early albums so great has resurfaced, Johnny, Steve, Leon et al must look down with smiles on their faces at the great music Skynyrd are still producing. LONG LIVE SKYNYRD NATION!!!!

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