Street Survivors



Release date

October 17th, 1977


MCA Records

Recorded At

Criteria Studios, Miami, Florida; Studio One, Doraville, Georgia; Muscle Shoals Sound, Muscle Shoals, Alabama


Tom Dowd, Jimmy Johnson & Tim Smith

Track List

1. What's Your Name

2. That Smell

3. One More Time

4. I Know A Little

5. You Got That Right

6. I Never Dreamed

7. Honky-Tonk, Night-Time Man

8. Ain't No Good Life

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StllhurtingFB // April 14, 2012 11:25:20 PM UTC

I am not here to knock todays music , BUT....There are few Bands today that are what we called back in the day "TOP BANDS" I know that if you listen to the New Country Sound you can hear the influnce of Ronnie and the Boys in the music. I noow just call the new music coming out of Nashville or Memphis "Country Rock" Listen to the Band Cross Canadian Ragweed, or Even Montgomery/Gentry they use that Dual Axes in their music,I know that most people will say the Allman Bros. were the band to start with the dual Axes and Double Drums,but Gary and Allen made Rock and Roll sound like it was always meant to be played that way! Billy if saw him back in the 70's you would have thought that he had been to the school of Jerry Lee Lewis, So when I look back at L.S. The Street Surviours Alumb was going to be a watershed moment for the band and Rock and Roll....... what a loss!!!


anniebrown // April 14, 2012 8:15:41 PM UTC

I have the original album with the flames sealed before it was pulled


ledzep4ever // July 07, 2011 5:55:53 PM UTC

@StreetSurvivor777: Yes MCA .pulled the original flame cover,but with all of the re-issues that came out years later MCA put the flame cover back on the was the right call


StreetSurvivor777 // July 06, 2011 7:19:43 PM UTC

Just was at the library and found a CD of Street Survivors with the band in flames. I was under the impression that MCA took that cover off the market not long after the fatal crash. And replaced it with just a black background, so if the first CD's came out in 80, 81 or so. Thats puts this cover 3-5 years after they had changed the LP cover. Is this a mistake on the part of MCA or what????


ledzep4ever // June 15, 2011 3:26:22 PM UTC

I'm so glad that i was able to obtain a REAL AUTHENTIC autographed 8track STREET SURVIVORS that was signed at altomonte springs fla,when the band did their one and only meet and greet,how many of ya'll have the street survivors reissue with the ORIGINAL MIAMI CRITERIA STUDIO'S VERSION THAT WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE RELEASED, thank god kevin elson told them the truth and they agreed to redo the album at studio one in doraville ga,had the plane crash never happened i believe the band would have become just as big as led zeppelin and the rolling stones,how many more great albums would have been made after street survivors,like led zeppelin and the stones for the most part put out one great record after another in the 70s


allen's spirit // March 24, 2011 8:37:07 PM UTC

In the Fall of '77 I killed my first deer, lost my virginity,smoked my first joint at my first Skynyrd concert, and lost a piece of my soul, all in about six weeks time. Can't recall who I went hunting with, the girl's name, or how high I got, but I remember vividly playing "Street Survivors" over and over, crying like a baby and thinking that Rock and Roll couldn't possibly ever be the same.Now, my {still} long hair is grey and my face is wrinkled, but it still hurts whenever another Skynyrd legend leaves us. What would Southern Rock be like if they were still with us? And what would it have been without them? Thanks to Tom Edison and Les Paul we can and will pass the magic of Lynyrd Skynyrd on to future generations of music lovers.


StreetSurvivor777 // February 01, 2011 8:53:56 PM UTC

@FinoArleen: I know how you feel, I am lucky to be old enough to have seen the orginal LS in all their glory. I don't know exactly how long after the tragic crash that the stores pulled the original cover off the shelfs, all I do know is that I do have the orignal cover also, my fav song however is off "One More" it's
T for Texas one REALLY hot song...


StllhurtingFB // January 10, 2011 4:02:07 PM UTC

@Warwick: You are so LUCKY to have those things, I never had the chance to ask for the bands signitures I wish I had! The song "THAT SMELL" was written for Gary ,Gary wrecked his car hitting a Oak tree while driving under the influence of Coke and Booze and Ronnie Being Ronnie wrote about it,but it really could have been about anyone back then. I guess if I had to pick one song I think I would say that "AM I LOSIN" from Second Helping is one of my Favorites,If you listen you can hear the riff for "Freebird" in it. I hope that you keep those and pass on to you children and keep a bit of Rock and Roll history in your family. My Son who is a Marine with 5 tours behind him and is now a Staff Sgt. Loves the Street Survivors alumb so much that when I die he will get all of my Records but he wants that one the most,along with the rest of the VanZant family music. So I plan on passing on their work to my children.It is my way of keeping their music alive. It also shows them that with a lot of hard work you can reach your goals in life.
I Think the reason I connected with the band was I grew up like them,I was born in to a welfare family (they were poor), I was taken away from my Mother and put in a home for kids and went to public school where the other kids did not like us ( they were from the wrong side of the tracks) and I then moved in to a Foster Family who only did it for the money, Which makes me like "Workin FOR MCA" and I just knew that I wanted to make something out of myself in life so when I got bummed out I would put on my headphones and play a record of theirs and pump back up! So Ronnie and the guys kinda gave me a push in life. I am 51 years old now and I live a comfortable life and I broke the circle of welfare in my family. I know it sounds corny but their music was a push for me in life. So I will alay be a Fan!


Warwick // January 10, 2011 7:34:30 AM UTC

@StllhurtingFB: Street survivors was then and still is my favorite album of all time. That Smell is my favorite Skynyrd song... actually my favorite song period. I must say I prefer the Live version recorded at the Oakland Colleseum which can be seen in black and white on u has a couple of rossington and powell fills that I love and they cut prior to the final sudio recording. I have a pre crash signed surviors album on my wall and a guitar pic that was used by Collins during the recording framed right next to it! A legendary band whose lead singer/songwriter was second to none.!!!


StllhurtingFB // December 18, 2010 11:42:33 PM UTC

By The way I have no ONE favorite one Song or Record...THEY WERE all great!!

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