Sons 1st Skynyrd show
October 03, 2013 5:25:21 AM UTC Post #1

My son & I just returned home from his 1st Skynyrd show in Lancaster Pa. All I can say is the Skynyrd Nation has a new member! What a show, this incredible band smoked for 2 hours straight, everyone was awesome & I love this band to death! The musicianship is so damn GOOD! Gary was so perfect on all his lead work, a master, Rickey, impeccable, you & Sparky are amazing! Pete, so tasteful never overplaying, Johnny Colt, badass to the core, I loved the coyote fur? You are so solid a player, Michael, you drive that rhythm section like no other, the beautiful Honkettes are soooo soulful & Mr Van Zant, you are one of the greatest frontmen in rock, great vocals & wonderful personality & stage presence. This crowd at the American Music Theater was a tough tired bunch but Johnny was able to get em goin pretty good! All in all I just wanted to thank all the folks in Skynyrd for putting on a wonderful show tonight, many years of timeless music & most of all the respect you all have for what you are doing & for how you treat the fans who love you. Blessings for 40 more! My son will be listeni etng!

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