Skynyrd Top 20 debut!

Lynyrd Skynyrd's hard rocking CD , God & Guns debuts in the number 18 spot on Billboards Top 20 list.

Grab your copy TODAY!!




Posted by Lynyrd Skynyrd in Site News October 07, 2009 12:00:00 AM UTC |

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greatness71 // August 09, 2011 3:27:12 PM UTC

this is a great cd . keep up the good work !


Normajean Harlin // March 24, 2011 3:50:29 AM UTC

Lynyrd Skynyrd you have the voice he makes you think of long road trips in the car the breeze blowin bye !someone tell him he has to come down and visit little old Australia. have you listened to the song A simple man love that one! cant remember what album though


gibby43 // November 01, 2009 8:12:18 PM UTC

I must say,this is the best music Skynyrd has written in 30 yrs. Its also great to hear Rickey singing again,I loved Blackfoot.
BUUUUT,these are the preachiest lyrics I've ever heard. Typical bad lyrics by post crash era band, taken to the next level. Just have fun. I dont need your political agenda ruining the music.


Skynyrdfan35 // October 24, 2009 10:33:03 PM UTC

I am a second generation of Skynyrd, i think this is the 6th album with johnny as the lead singer, and this is there best album since Ronny death. And this is a nother question off the main topic. Will Ed ,Artimus and Bob do a reunion tour i think that would be cool cause not many is left i think they should before its to late. Skynyrd Nation carries on


Bluebonnet // October 24, 2009 7:59:13 PM UTC

OMG - Can't stop listening to God and Guns! See you at the Freedom Concert


beachpeach // October 17, 2009 9:14:32 AM UTC

number one ------ on my list.---------


God's Girl // October 08, 2009 9:50:48 AM UTC

Woo-hoo.....another Skynyrd masterpiece for sure!!! Great job guys and girls...sooo WELL DONE...the whole record ROCKS!!! Now concerning God & Guns...Look...God is God and guns are guns. God tells us not to murder one another...but we do...read the bible...murder happened in Genesis without a gun. He (God) tells us to love one another...sometimes we do and sometimes we don't...as Americans, we have a right to bear arms...as far as I know...we STILL have THAT RIGHT! Now if you can tell me honestly that you would NOT defend yourself and your family from an intruder...a stranger coming into your home endangering you and yours...I'm all ears. I personally have owned a gun and I would have used it in a New York minute if someone came into MY home without invitation to harm me or mine...I wouldn't think twice, really. My people are too precious to me to stand for that for one second...and no, my God would not hold me guilty. His perfect plan is love...God is love but He knows that does not always happen here on this earth...man has been killin' stealin' cheatin' messin' up things since Genesis...actually, there was WAR in heaven...yes heaven when ole' Lucifer thought he should be adored like God...stinkin' thinkin' Lucifer...got his butt kicked out by God, himself...think about that...thank you guys for raising these issues...someone has to...might as well be you boys...you are used to and can for sure take the heat...rock on and keep speaking the truth...we all need the truth...it's the truth that makes people free...free to think clearly and right...love ya'll...


NBwag // October 07, 2009 11:21:01 PM UTC

There is no way this album [CD] can go unnoticed by the public or by the critics. It is just too good! I am making sure everyone I know, who loves good music gets God & Guns. SPREAD THE WORD!!! Call your local radio stations! To me, and of course I am partial, God & Guns has GRAMMY written all over it!


dennis ray // October 07, 2009 6:45:35 PM UTC

I bought 2 cd's at walmart, everybody i know says it's the best LS they have heard in years. Awsome sound, terific guitar, and some of Billy's best keyboards. Hope it cracks the top 5.


Limey Rob // October 07, 2009 4:31:40 PM UTC

Seems to be selling well here in the UK too... couldn't find a copy to buy in 2 music stores over here, had to buy on-line :-( .

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