SKYNYRD SHOW I will never forget !
May 23, 2012 4:31:56 PM UTC Post #1

Nuthinfancy and me have been to 50 Skynyrd shows , some more memoriable than others (summits, pow wows) but here is one that really sticks out for me ( my mornin meds are just kickin in soes cut me a little slack).

It was tha Last Rebel Tour and nf and I was workin at Black Oak Mtn. Ampatheater in Lampy Mo. I was Head of security and Lana was workin tha beer garden (of corse). We had already worked several shows that year (reo speed wagon, black oak arkansas,ozark mtn. daredevils) and was as excited as hell to see Skynyrd on tha schedule. Now I had all access and could go anywhere I wanted, but I still had a job to do. Oh! I forgot.... our son david brought his bycycle and him and Billy rode around tha venue all day) anyway, I had meeting with Skynyrd's security and met tha boys in tha band , lined out my security people and was just walkin around dealin with defferent shit ( drunks, coupla fights and LOTS of daisy dukes walkin round) and tryin ta watch as much of tha show as posible. I was at tha front gate earlier that day ( been there since 9 that mornin) watchin everybody commin in tha venue and bullshytin with tha citizens commin into tha show and I noticed a vet in a wheel chair with his 10 or 12 yr old boy pushin him, we bs'ed for a while and they went on in.

As I was doin my job I decided to walk up to tha front gate to check on things. I looked out at the tables outside tha gates and ther was a that little boy cryin his eyes out. Oh, i forgot somethin else.......I looked up several tymes at tha beer garden and it looked like tha party was up there.....nuthinfancy was standin on tha beer kegs rockin out and had every up ther rockin...ANYWAY ( am I startin ta rattle) I walked out to see wat he was cryin about and he told me that tha people at tha gate told him he couldnt go back into tha venue without a ticket ( yepper it was onea those kinda venues) It seemed his dad ( in vet ) had run out of cigs and sent him to tha car to get more and they wouldnt let him back in. Well that wasnt gonna happen on my watch so I said ...come with me... I walked him right thru tha gate and to his dad. I was on my way backstage when MY boss asked me wat was goin on. Onea tha assholes at tha front gate told him wat I had just done.He jumped my ass and was sayin somehtin bout company policy and other bs but tha more he talked tha mader I got soes I stripped off tha surity t-shirt and thru it into his face and called him a coupla choice things and where he could go. Well he called up a coupla guys and they took me to tha front gate and thru me outta tha show!!!! I guess they forgot they was messin with tha prez.....soes I go to my truck grabbed my Skynyrd shirt I had in reserve and walked to tha back gate that led back stage. Corse tha guy at tha gate thought I was still his boss and opened tha gate to let me in. He said somethin bout my shirt and I just said I was incognito, walked right out the front of tha stage grabbed a spot up front just in tyme for The Last Rebel. rocked out tha rest of tha show. As far a nuthinfancy.......... Thats another story!!!!!..............rusty


May 24, 2012 4:02:30 AM UTC Post #1

….and thats why we all ♡ you!!!

May 24, 2012 7:49:55 PM UTC Post #2

Cool story rusty.50 Skynyrd concerts,thats got to be a record.Anyone ever told you that you look like Ted Nugent?

May 26, 2012 3:20:44 AM UTC Post #3

@l-ls: Thanks girl.........that is my memorial day story,since he was a viet nam vet.....and I wasnt about ta work for ass holes like that anymore!!

@snowbird: Yepper thats a whole gaggle of shows...and I enjoyed em all ( and remember a few) BUT there are a few here thats got me beat ( road fatigue and babydk have broke a hunnard) Now thats somethin!!!!

Ted that a good or a bad thing???

TURN ER UP............................ rusty


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