Skynyrd Over Oz
September 26, 2009 6:59:37 AM UTC Post #1

Hi everyone!

I've been living in Australia for ten years now, being a Skynyrd fan for 35.

Here's the question: when do the boyz come over and play? I know a lot of people waiting for this. I've been in the music business myself, as a musician and a guitar builder, and I know it's expensive to come over here, but pleeeeaaaaase...

Randy Flockhart
Rhiax Guitars

October 07, 2009 4:38:34 AM UTC Post #1

Hello from down under Australia

Been waiting since 1974 for the band to tour Australia.

Great job on the new CD God and Guns, love the intro to Simple Life, Gifted Hands is a beautiful tribute to Billy Powell one of the greatest keyboard players of all time.

If you need reminding revisit the JJ Cale song Call me the Breeze on Second Helping, still rocks today some 35 years on.

After waiting for so long lets hope 2010 is Australia's Skynyrd year.

Snake Magee

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