Skynyrd Management Still ignores request for Tour
October 18, 2013 11:35:32 PM UTC Post #11

Lynyrd is finally coming to see you guys!!
As for the fan Club-I think it is gone. not sure ask Tom Soares,he'll know :)

I ain't Hidin' from nobody, Nobody's hidin' from me

October 20, 2013 11:10:57 PM UTC Post #12

You are correct RR. The fan club ended quite a while ago. Not sure if they will open it back up again. There are VERY few fan clubs still running these days.With all the different ways of getting Merch, Tix etc a fan club is just a huge undertaking.

November 20, 2013 2:26:23 AM UTC Post #13

@jh3305: you just pay the yearly fee & you can join

Mustang Girl

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