Skynyrd CD's
December 04, 2011 8:47:26 PM UTC Post #1

Cleaning out some of our 'stuff' to make room for more 'stuff'. We have doubles and triples of most Skynyrd cd's and really don't need them all-if you're interested-pm me or Randy and let us know. I wanted to offer them here to you first before they go to Ebay.
List is:
Bullets (Deluxe),
Skynyrd Frynds,
Skynyrd's Innards,
Edge of Forever,
Lyve from Steel Town (2),
Endangered Species,
Greatest Hits (2-1 unopened),
Gold and Platinum,
Tribute Tour 87,
30 (Deluxe. 2, 1 unopened),
Vicious Cycle,
Then and Now.

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