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midnightrider // December 06, 2009 11:14:36 AM UTC

@mentalcarl: let me say 1st off,lynyrd skynyrd is the all time best southern band around,yes this wonderfull band has had its ups and downs,but onething still remains they are LYNYRD SKYNYRD,skynyrd speaks thur there music,and straight from the heart,those that know the true history on skynyrd and how it all began can understand,this amazing band has seen it all thur the years,sure they lost alot of band members,but they are never forgotten------they are still with us here today,skynyrd has came along way,not just with everything that has happened all though the years,but skynyrd seems to always keep the faith,us fans loves these guys,skynyrd has done so much for all there fans,supporting the troops and there families,and much more--------i myself grew up with skynyrd ever since i was a kid,and without skynyrd i dont think i could of ever gotten though things in my life,there music has influnced so many,skynyrd is an inspirations to us all-------As for RONNIE goes,he would of wanted skynyrd to continue on-----thats where johnny,and the rest of the band members come into play,ronnie had a dream,and to the best of his ability he fullied his dreamed to the very last end,we dont know why things happen for a reason but they do,so as long as skynyrd is still around freebird will always be the encore for there shows they do,its called repect for all the band members each and everyone that has been with skynyrd all though the years,for that they will never be forgotten,so freebird is the song to play,it justs lets us know that all band members are never forgotten,not to mention its a tradition to play freebird,i myself couldnt imagine freebird not being played either,i take nothing away from your own personal opipions,but alot of us from the old school would agree,freebird is a given,skynyrd is doing a fine most outstanding with there music,what do you think it would be like if there was no skynyrd------- nothing,at least skynyrd is continueing on with what they do best and thats gives us loyal fans good music to listen to thats straight from the heart,everything they write about is life in general and things that are going on------so listen to there words,they speak the truth in there music,and skynyrd is here to stay with us to the end,there music will continue on,though the next generation,and the next,so heres to lynyrd skynyrd------rock on and keep the faith,you'll loved by many,and all the skynyrd fans we remember each and every member that has been with this amazing band all though the years and never forgot any of them,and never will!!!,so my friend i take nothing from you,but its a fact skynyrd is here to stay whether you choice to see them or not,not to mention have you ever wondered what is like for this amazing band to lose them also,they are all family,they share alot,not just there music,but the love they have for each and everyone they lost,so freebird is saying alot when they play that song at every concert,------------for all the band members past and present----------heres to skynyrd------------we love you all----------god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blackwork // November 21, 2009 5:24:44 PM UTC

just like the music and songs thanks for that

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musiclvr1124 // November 21, 2009 12:01:46 AM UTC

Lynyrd Skynyrd shouldn't have to tour under another name...of course they will never be exactly the same without Billy, or any other members that they have lost, but they are still Skynyrd. They still play several 70s hits during live shows, plus newer ones, and If the newer ones were never played, then no one would discover them. And Freebird as the encore every time is just classic, wow, I can't imagine going to a Skynyrd show where Freebird wasn't the encore! Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of the best bands ever. Any band that has stayed together this long has probably had a few changes, and there is nothing wrong with that. I think it's great that the members of Skynyrd are able to carry on after the tragedies that they have had through the years.


gez moore // November 20, 2009 2:03:47 PM UTC

loved you guys a long long time. love the new stuff as much as the old. God Bless!


kathy_wyers // November 17, 2009 10:10:09 PM UTC

You guys are awsume!!!!! I hope to get to meet you some day...

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