Ontario Canada is Skynyrd Nation North
October 23, 2013 12:39:17 AM UTC Post #1

I'm sure Lynyrd Skynyrd will find their way back to us up here in Ontario Canada. Haven't missed a show in years. Even took a little holiday at the Beacon Hotel to Celebrate Ronnies 65th birthday with the band in NYC Jan 15th. So I'm saying is I hope the band can make it up here to an even larger venue cause that is what I miss the most. Yes the casinos are intimate but nothing like big concert sound and to hear your all time favorite band rocking an at least 7000 plus people venue. But I'll settle for anything really. Just saying.
The fan base is here. Maybe a little contest or something to let a lucky dude jam to one of their tunes. I'd pay big bucks to just meet the band. I guarantee I will be in the front row. See you all soon...

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