Nuthin' Fancy



Release date

March 24, 1975


MCA Records

Recorded At

Recorded at WEBB IV Studios, Atlanta and Studio One, Doraville,



Al Kooper

Track List

1. Saturday Night Special

2. I'm A Country Boy

3. Cheatin' Woman

4. Am I Losin'?

5. On the Hunt

6. Railroad Song

7. Made In The Shade

8. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller

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EasyNote // May 19, 2012 4:36:54 AM UTC

"But I had my guitar and a hunderd railroad songs"


rloyd // August 17, 2010 6:15:06 AM UTC

Yeah its me again. If you don't think skynyrd is totally bad ass just listen to one song on this album. Its the song "on the hunt" Written by ronnie, and the rythum and lead and vocals, Perfect. Where was this song? Should have sored to no 1 easy. Nothing can match the solid playing and vocals of this down home southern bad ass song as "on the hunt". Thank you from the bottom of my heart skynyrd for continuing to produce exceptional albums like vicious cycle! well done jonnie well done man you took the raines from your brother and still put heart felt skynyrd songs down. I was there right after skynyrd returned after the terrible crash. Mobile Alabama my home town. the fairgrounds. Who was on the ticket? rossington collins, jonnie vanzant band, and blackfoot. I was so happy they were back i threw my leather hat up on stage and rickey from blackfoot put it on his head. Special moment for me. they might not have been altogether again, but you could just see jonnie eventually steppin in for lead vocals .The rest is history and still making that old skynyrd sound we were all used to. Special thanks to jonnie I can't imagine how much pressure you were under following your brother. You resurrected skynyrd and ran with it . GOD BLESS YOU JONNIE, GARY, RICKEY, BILLY, RONNIE, STEVE, CASSIE, AND THE REST! keep on rockin that southern rock and roll!!! ALWAYS ALWAYS IN MY HEART!!!!!!!!!


SurvivingFreeBird // June 17, 2010 8:28:33 PM UTC

wow diffrnt but good album

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