March 03, 2010 4:18:56 PM UTC Post #1

hows it going out hope yous are well.looking 4ward 2 d gig in dublin hope its like d last wer was deep purples gig.but skynyrd stole d show.ask jonney van zant wooo wat a gig,ders 50 of us goin wooo again.joe out

March 03, 2010 4:21:50 PM UTC Post #1

wat a band keep up d good work.looking 4 ward 2 d gig.joe out

March 03, 2010 4:56:24 PM UTC Post #2

YeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaSkynyrd Nation Coming To Wales Cardiff ,and i can't wait till friday ,i still counting the days .Will

March 03, 2010 5:22:23 PM UTC Post #3

5 days until the Manchester gig. Got the day off work, so me and my mates are hitting the bars early.

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