LS with Mike Huckabee

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Matias Perret // April 21, 2011 12:14:39 AM UTC

Come to argentina!!!! we are expecting for you!!!!pleeeeeeease...god bless everyone.Matias. Peace from Buenos Aires.


fb_Liam Brown // December 03, 2010 4:04:03 AM UTC

damn thats a nice bass! I WANT IT!!!!


Sybilsporster // October 25, 2010 2:42:49 AM UTC

@Godandgunsfreakforever: What ever your on, Is it for sale?


Smeggly // October 19, 2010 2:34:09 PM UTC



The Clark Family // September 10, 2010 6:59:39 PM UTC

Freedom 1st! Union 2nd!!


Godandgunsfreakforever // September 06, 2010 8:04:57 PM UTC

@Bronncohowie: I'm a grown Mature woman not a "dude" Grow up and stop drinking the kool-aid. You are being deceived. Skynyrd are not Obama fans either.


Bronncohowie // September 05, 2010 8:04:56 PM UTC

@Godandgunsfreakforever: Dude: You gotta check yourself into the local mental facility because you are C-R-A-Z-Y !!!!!!


Godandgunsfreakforever // August 22, 2010 7:19:02 PM UTC

@SpawnOfSkynyrd: We're prospering under Nobama? Are you kidding me? Bailouts, jobs bills that do NOT produce Or save jobs and stimulus packages that are adding BILLIONS to the deficit? He has spent more than ANY President EVER!! Pull your head out man. he wants to rule the world, he does not care about the United States. Henry Kissenger has stated that Obama will be the ruler of the One World Government. i suppose you will be a worshiper then too. That means he is the anti-christ. Do some background on the guy or do you just not care who he is? Chicago thug is what he is.


marlynnS // August 09, 2010 6:05:37 PM UTC

You guys are fantastic.....carrying on a NEW TRADITION with OLD and Traditional never forgotten......I'm on facebook with a Patriots page - have over 4900 friends.....I play God and Guns and "ain't my America for my friends ALL the time............You are the absolute best!!!!!!! mariynn


ajoke // August 06, 2010 10:24:04 PM UTC

Amusement ya allstill got a job.Milk it for everything it's worth.Lots easier than fronting your own band in your golden years huh Rick?

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