llloyds son
October 02, 2009 12:44:10 PM UTC Post #1

Your title here...r title here...my name is steve causey phillips, my dad was lloyd phillips from jax. fla. he used to date gary's sister nancy in high school.he taught gary the basics of playing the guitar when gary was about 12 years old.gary gave my dad a guild guitar years ago and my brother randy still has it.i have peavy amp with black widow speakers that my dad said he got from randell hall who borrowed it from gary.my dad said he called gary to come get the amp and gary said just keep it, so now i have it my dad died in 1999 and is buried in jacksonville memory gardens in orange park fla.gary if you read this please give me a call just to talk about my dad a few minutes at 843-433 1538 sincerily steve causey phillips

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