live tonight
November 07, 2009 4:00:18 PM UTC Post #1

been waiting for tonight for along time.get to see skynyrd live again.#6 i know it will kick ass.bloomington ,il lookout the skynyrd army is about to roll in on you. SKYNYRD FOR LIFE.........

November 08, 2009 1:27:51 AM UTC Post #1

@ treemant - WOW. What an amazingly intimate, magical evening it was! It was my sixth time as well. I look forward to reading your review, my frynd, and will add my observations later.

I was in the second row, in between JVZ and Gary. I was a little to the left of a Marine sergeant (an E-6 with a BOATLOAD of medals) in the front row. I reached over and shook his hand before Skynyrd came on because I KNEW that JVZ was going to take notice of him (and after that it would be impossible to get to him). It was so cool.

Just before the song Simple Man Johnnie did take note of the Marine in the front row and paid tribute to all those in the armed services, as well as their families. This of course brought some tears to my eyes (I am such a softie).

Then, at the end of the show, JVZ brought an american flag that (I believe) was tied to his microphone stand at some point, and gave it to him. The Marine sergeant took the flag graciously, looked around, and asked someone in the front row to help him fold the flag properly RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT. It was so humbling.

Anyways, that's all I am going to write for now. I want to hear everyone else's stories of the evening. Well, that, and my wife is bothering me about getting on facebook so she can feed her fishies (or they are going to die). LOL!
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