Left to be desired?
February 23, 2012 1:49:40 PM UTC Post #1

I am 31, and have been to 20 skynyrd concerts in the michigan/ohio area. I will say last year @ DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, MI on 4th of July left much to be desired. Bands have until 11pm to play, they were done and off stage by 10:20... i could not believe it when i heard freebird start, not to mention they had no video screens, no stage setup. Just a "world tour" banner. I know allot of fans by me were not happy with the performance, myself included, you could hear the rumblings from people as we left the show. Even my wife, who has been to 5 shows with me leaned over and said "is that it?" with a confused look on her face as freebird was wrapping up...And how do you play on the 4th of July and not play Red, White and Blue? I hope when they return to MI they put in a bit more effort. Dont get me wrong, i love the music and have been to at least 1+ shows a year since 1997 but i left feeling like i got jipped out of my money. 'Cause lets be honest, ticket prices have sky rocketed.

I am not saying this to put down the band, just an honest observation. Of coarse i'll be first in line for tickets when they come back to MI. Just wanted to find out a reason or if not anything else just get that negative experience off my chest...


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