Last of a Dyin' Breed makes another Skynyrd story for this fan
September 16, 2012 3:09:54 PM UTC Post #1

Dont want to get to long winded on my life story but yall that have seen my previous posts will understand for yall that have not I only have access to a computer once in awhile. This is my story for Last of a Dyin' Breed. It started with finding out about the album about two weeks before it was released, then had to wait until payday to get my copy people probably thought I was crazy has I stood in the record shop listen to the album on those little machines they got now days with tears running down my face. Had to check out in the storie my truck didnt have a radio. Went staight to local junk yard and 10 dollars some fuses and a little wiring and back speakers and I was rocking. Love the album the boy always write songs that hit home for me. Heading of the radar back to the simple life until next time your friend in Skynyrd Nation, Leonard_50

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