October 08, 2009 3:07:45 PM UTC Post #41

Ik denk dat dit chinees is voor de meeste Skynyrdfans...
Toch leuk een andere Nederlandstalige te ontmoeten op de site van deze fantastische band !*

*I think this is chinese for most of the Skynyrdfans...
But it's nice to meet another Dutch fan on the site of this fantastic band !

October 08, 2009 4:19:43 PM UTC Post #42

@ wolfwhisle.
sorry my bad.

Hey Tom.
Thank you for the New Skynyrd Site.
A European Skynyrd fan.

Thanks, Rudolf (Antwerp-BE)

October 12, 2009 8:11:26 PM UTC Post #43

Hey Tom
While replying to a post about SD show,it occured to me that posting the " Rossington-Collins" Albums should be included in the Skynyrd Repoirtoire.As the Rossington-Collins shows and albums were some of the first after the Accident.Since Dale Krantz and Gary are still a huge part of Skynyrd has any though been given ,by the Band,to including the Albums as a part of this site's albums list.? If not why not....pls consider adding them as that album and tour,1980, was one of the best they ever did.!Thanks for your time.

Happy Trails

October 12, 2009 8:46:49 PM UTC Post #44


That would be the same as any other band listing solo albums in their discography. The Rossington Collins albums were by the band Rossington Collins, not the Lynyrd Skynyrd band.

October 12, 2009 11:24:13 PM UTC Post #45


Aren't you splitting hairs when you discuss the name being 1991 etc. For the fans and for all other purposes we all knew that it was still the Lynyrd Skynyrd band. The adding of the dates in the name were for legal purposes as you are aware while all sides worked out the details of an agreement (which we will not get into since that topic has been beaten to death for years.) The RC Band was a totally separate band even though it contained some members (4) from the original band. The songs were not in the style of LS and with the female vocals could never be mistaken for LS songs. Should we also include Alias with 4 members? The Allen Collins Band with 3? Each of those bands put out some great music but it was not meant to be a continuation of the LS sound. The music written by the guys for the years you mentioned was written to carry on the LS style and tradition. The question from 01776 was specific concerning the RC Band being included. Since they did not intend or promote themselves as being a continuation of the LS band IMHO they are a totally separate entity. The numbered LS band was a continuation of the legacy.
Hope that makes sense.

PS Stick to Guns or Politics... those are safer topics as far as I am concerned LOL

October 17, 2009 10:09:45 AM UTC Post #46

@Tom Soares:

Hello Tom
Thank you for your opinion concerning should RC,Allen Collins bands..ETC... songs,albums be included here.I agree with the thesis their songs and the bands ,for the most part,were not meant as a LS representation in a formal type manner.However I meant that as a suggestion to include in the Discography section could be titled band members groups..or something like that...ETC of other associated material.
If you care to add to this site a " FAN POLL" section,I'll wager that 80-20 members would want that section and would want or enjoy knowing of other songs done by the group members.This would, as was pointed out and most longtimers know ,help fill in the gaps of those years following the crash.

As was the case in the early 80's alot Legally,Financially and Emotionally was going on with this group, not allowing those albums to be included here would do an injustice to the turmoil,struggles and pain that ensued after the crash.The legality of putting those Albums/Material here, though in it's own section below the Skynyrd Material,can be worked out.

And no offense but is it just your opinion , or sites members that don't believe, the material should be posted here.If you can find a way to bring together those pieces of the Skynyrd story,that don't have a home, aren't you in essence making things whole again and thus creating what many would call a Great site for such an Iconic band.

Please add the "FAN POLL" for this or other issues..Favorite song,album,show..ETC. and see how the response is..I'll bet they come back for a " Second Helping".

Take care,God Bless
Happy Trails

October 18, 2009 1:39:02 AM UTC Post #47


I actually agree with you 01776. I'd love to see info on all bands from "Detroit" to "Vision" to "Noon" but I doubt that will happen.

October 19, 2009 10:14:56 PM UTC Post #48

@Wickey: Hey thanks...Having seen the " Outlaws" with Hugie Thomasson..RIP.! 23 times I know theres alot of History thats still behind the scenes of Lynyrd Skynyrd.The addition of a section of the associated members stuff and cronology would add to this site I believe.

Take care
Happy Trails

October 23, 2009 6:43:52 PM UTC Post #49

Hey Tom!
Glad to be here.
I just wanted to know if my post r showing up..cause I go back and see my name but no post.....what am I doin wrong...and how does the membership work here now....I used to be a Freebyrd with lots of stars!
O the good 'ol days when I knew what I was doin'!
Old timers and new board don't mix!

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