Disappointed in Atlanta
March 14, 2013 1:08:21 AM UTC Post #1

I can't believe this tour is bypassing Atlanta,with all the history of both bands that have a history with the city of Atlanta, I hope maybe Bad Company will play a solo date in Atlanta but I'm disappointed that Gary Rossington who lives in Alpharetta Ga,north of Atlanta let this tour bypass this town, now If there were no open dates in the 2 15k seat amphitheaters in the north and south part of town I'll let it go, Come on Gary you have ALOT of pull This tour should not have bypassed this town were Skynyrd was DISCOVERED!!!!!

March 14, 2013 2:50:26 AM UTC Post #1

Gary and Dale could have slept at their house if they would have played the verizon amphitheater in Alpharetta Ga

March 16, 2013 9:53:30 PM UTC Post #2

I recall seeing LS at that venue oct 20 2001..the crowd liked REO better than they did LS-I never will understand that.!!! In my opinion , Lynyrd is light years beter than REO.( keep in mind that Ritchrath was not there when i saw REO- he quit long ago ).It's not like lynyrd is going to by pass Atlanta forever- lol- isn't evans GA close?? They will be there in April- Keep The Faith-The Year is not over yet and they add dates all of the Time.We only see them every other Year here- any thing else is usually a road trip :)


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