CMT Road Pranks
October 30, 2009 10:28:02 AM UTC Post #1

Tune into CMT tonight October 30th for CMT's new show 'Road Pranks', with a special appearance by 38 Special. Featuring Donnie Van Zant, Don Barnes, LJ and the road crew.

The premiere is scheduled for Friday night, October 30th at 9pm ET.

The show will repeat on these dates and times (please note that the repeats are subject to change): 10/30 at 9p ET ; 2a ET 10/31 at 12a ET 11/1 at 2p ET; 12a ET 11/3 at 1p ET

Check your local listings for the CMT Channel

October 30, 2009 4:56:22 PM UTC Post #1

DVZ and JVZ did a couple of side projects that were country material.

Get Right With The Man and My Kind Of Country were to two most recent projects. But I think there didn't have much backing from the label to support them... It's ashame because they are actually pretty good...

Also, 38 Special and Trace Adkins did a show called Crossroads where they pair country acts with non-country acts.

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