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  • » From "CNN INTERVIEW " // February 01, 2014 4:35:07 AM UTC

    i beleive the navaho indians believe the coyote is gods dog .

    because they never have become extinct because they adapt they change they survive and do what they do because they been hunted trapped killed starved ran out and been through disasters and urban development but manage to survive

    on the other hand the allmighty famous supposably badass wolves DID BECOME EXTINCT and needed help to come back as a wild breed?

    maybe much like what Mr Rossington was trying to portray with the new cover and name is much like the Coyote they do what they do to survive in this crazy world

    i get it now more than ever wether i agree or disagree with video or album cover or chosen members or ect ect ... Its there band its there control of how they steer it and roll it to keep it going

    im glad they got to make music again and put out new songs and bring shows to everyone so they can singalong and have great time is the glass half empty or half full ?
    optimous ? pessamistic? or just enjoy the music ? it should be about the music ?
    Definetly the old band line ups or there great songs will never be forgotten nor replaced ! But the music can play on wether there is a dixie flag or dont tread on me flag or american flag or daredevel spoon fishing bait flag or nascar or remington or eat hot chili with spice and gassy beans flag or keep on trucking flag or jacksonville jaguars flag or Gibson flag or Peavey flag or any flags are flying or no flag at all . im amazed at how GaryRossington keeps on trucking he awt to get a musician of steel award for being one hard charging guitar player music maker he puts up with a lot of traveling and music buisness stuff where as theres a lot of musicians that would have retired and stopped the live show curcuit a while back.........

    life has a begining and a end whats in between is up to us
    to the freebirds Leon Allen Billy Steve Hughie Ronnie Ian Cassie music can be so powerful!

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