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    I've been teaching at my town's High School for nine years, and I've been wearing my skynyrd t-shirts while my workin time in the class. Besides, some of my pupils wear their skynyrd nation t-shirts proud. For us is not a problem over there, because the rebel flag is a symbol, that's been associated with a rock and roll meaning, the south and the country, and not with the past racial problems. But sometimes, when any of my students see a tv report about the KKK, they ask me why I'm wearing that flag. Then, I try to explain that symbol hasn't to means what the Klan says, because it's used for a lot of people as a symbol of a proud feeling of heritage southern country culture, and not as a hate symbol. And that's what I feel when I wear proud my skynyrd shirt and my rebel flag plates on my pick up truck.

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