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    Hey Sassy. I was the possibly the only other one there that didn't raise a hand, being totally honest i couldn't. but just last week in anticipation of the show (I never got the chance to see as a 16 year old in KY in 1977). I dug out the vinyl and rediscovered just how awesome LS is. Damn how it all came rushing back, i opened the windows letting in the cool evening breeze i was instantly transported back in time. AND I have the original album with the fire on the cover and the tour dates inside. SO... Thanks for coming to Cali LS I was always bummed that I had never seen "ya'll" so now I feel that I have in person as well as spirit, and after all these years and 2500 miles away you made me proud to be from the South.
    Southern swamp rock rocks!

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Paso Robles CA. Concert.

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