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    My name is John, and I'm a Desert Storm Veteran, I live in SE Michigan, I tried to get tickets for the show in Clarkston in July since it's only 30 miles away but sold out, so I'm trying to get tickets for the show in Midland, MI on Aug. 11th 2013 110 miles away. I take care of my Grandmother of 89 years of age and I just need a night to myself to recharge. My question is simple, is there a way that "if" I can go to the Midland concert, that I may meet the band, just to say thanks for getting me threw hard times with your music, in fact I'm not ashamed to say that I still get chocked up sometimes when I listen to Free Bird, just brings back memories. After that I will just go my way. I know people are saying that you will never do it or that by writing this is a waste of time, their probably right, well at least most of them! I had to try, after all even Lynyrd Skynyrd started with a dream...

    Sincerely: John

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