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    @twopennies: I don't know when your Skynyrd days began but you must have missed something. My wife and I started seeing them in Fla in 1976, before the crash. We actually saw them about 10 to 12 times in three different states before the tragedy happened. I like many other thousands of fans thought that was it. Then we saw the Rossington-Collins Band, the Allen Collins Band and Then came the Volunteer Jam in Nashville featuring, Lynyrd Skynyrd. What a show! If you weren't there you don't know what you missed. I can't remember a lot about any of the shows because if you lived in Miami in the 70's & 80's you're lucky if you remember anything at all. But I remember this Ronnie, Steve, Cassie and all the rest were there in Spirit " Bigtime." For the first several shows {including that and after that) Johnnie never sang "Freebird" but after about two years on the road he finally did. Well, we lost Allen, Leon, Billy along the way and they made some substitutions some worked out and some didn't and the guitar work might not be as good, Allen and Steve were two of the best ever and Leon had the Bass covered as Well , Billy Powell was a Great Keyboard Man as well as a good Christian God fearing Man. After all the bad luck, tragidies, drinking and drugs, the Band Still Rocks Better Than anybody. Anything said negative about the bad shouldn't even be printed. And you my friend don't appear to me to be a true Skynyrd fan, I don't care how many shows you've seen. Perhaps you should go back to the beginning and read the Lyrics of the songs and maybe you'll get an understanding of what the Band is about! Sincerely, Slowride5 aka G.Lehnert (pronounced-lynyrd) as in leh'nerd skin nerd.

    P.S. I've been to move than 35 shows my man, one time ,4 shows in two different states in less than 6 weeks!!! Anybody know how Gary is doing?

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