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    Today I got my Lynyrd Skynyrd jacket. And now it will go with all my other L.S. stuff as my collection continues to build up steam. And no, I won't where it. I tried it on just to see how it fits, but now its time to put it on a hanger. I'll add it to my Star Wars shirts, & my Wonder Woman shirts & all my other things I have in my on going collection. That's what I do. I collect things. Shirts, jackets, glasses, wall clocks, even a Wonder Woman bath robe & cooking apron. Plus I have the complete Wonder Woman series on dvd & I also have all of the Skynyrd on dvd, cd & so on. I even have a live show they did on cassette which was never released to the public. This radio station back home once a week would play a live concert from all the big bands of the day. Fleetwood Mac, the Stones, the Outlaws, & of course Skynyrd. Well quick thinking me, put a tape in my stereo & BOOM!!! I got a real keepsake. A full concert never released to the public. And this is of the "Original" Band with the great one, Ronnie Van Zant on vocals. And much like all my other things, this to is not for sale. Nor is or ever will be, my autographs of all the baseball players I have, including the ultimate keeper of all keepers which was passed down to me from my family & that autograph is? Well, Babe Ruth of course. Plus I have Ty Cobb, Walter "Big Train" Johnson & so many more including Willie Mays of whom I met at an autograph show & he was real nice to. Just a pleasant feller to chat baseball with. But my Skynyrd & my baseball collection will never be up for grabs.That there, will ALWAYS stay with me. Yea I could sell my Babe Ruth autograph & probably by me a whole state if I wanted to, but my collection isn't for sale & its not about the money either.Its all about the love I have for Skynyrd & for baseball. Nope. It'll ALWAYS remain with me. I busted my ass over the years to build all this up. I've been to a ton of Skynyrd shows including 5 last summer. But then again having a cousin who's a pilot & owns several planes has a lot to do with that. Flying's his life, like Skynyrd & baseball's mine.And I always said to that, baseball's my life my wife. We're a match made in heaven.

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