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    mr dan hafstrom; have you ever heard of the bill of rights?? god and guns if im not mistaken are well explained in that document,and it aint talking about hunting rights america we have the right to bear arms .our forefathers gave us these rights to protect ourselves against a tyranacle janurary 2011 obama signed the bill allowing the goverment to detain ameriican citizens indefinently without due course..our country is contolled by international bankers and our leaders are merely puppets for them....look whats happened in greece and spain due to their other words , what the hell do you know....kinda of reminds me of a statement rossington made one time about neil young..... and as for as them being behind in what the band was doing in the past you are so musicly challenged...their writing and arranging songs is still top notch...if gary ,johhny,and my favorite blackfoot indian wasnt up to the task they would have disbanded the group long make it sound like they are just trying to cash in....damn you are so freaking my heart of hearts i know they have ronnies blessing......ive been following these guys since their first gig on peachtree street back in the early 1970,s....thats the night al cooper found closing,if you dislike our bill of rights....then stay the hell in greece and be a good little puppet/slave for your masters

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