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    @Cali65: Unlike some others, I am not going to insult ALL californians, I have met quite a few good people in cali. But you are an ass! It's people like you that help keep this country divided. You call the GOP, a party of hate. Take a good look at the liberal democrats first. They are the ones who began the "hate speech". In the last two months alone, there have been no fewer than 9 liberal democrats that have refered to republicans and conservatives as nazis, felons, and worse. Rush Limbaugh made an inapropriate comment about that dinbat sandra fluke, and the liberals raised hell about it!. But bill maher has said way worse things than that about sarah palin, her daughter, and several other conservative women, and you liberals said absolutely nothing about it. Your a bunch of hateful hypocrites. And one last thing. If you don't even know the title of one of Skynyrds oldest hit songs, then you are in no way, a "fan". your just another wannabe!

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