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  • » From ".... WORDS OF WISDOM...Volume 2" // July 13, 2013 11:48:58 AM UTC

    HMMMM HEY where YA"LL At.? anybody awake yet..hehe..MCSKYNYRD...hang in there..pres Rusty...SUP.? Medway speak up boy...hehehe Catnhat...whens next GIG...I know someone's gonna reply from the GANG...but until then keep the Bears outta yer hair and the mosquito's outta yer TEETH...phhhhhttttt....:}
    As for a SONG of the DAY.?well SAT gets my vote for some old tyme stuff... so if an all my FRYNYDS don't ta mind none..I'll suggest abit of SWAMP ya might think I'm an old Critter with a beard like a mossy oak Forrest but to tell the Truth....Scratches head...hmmm the Truth you say.? Lets get us some music and ponder that one..hehehehe....
    so don't give up Hope..keep yer Faith in GODnGUNS and America will someday, have a leader who cares more about Americans than some votes.What Ya'll wait for Reply DAMM*T...:}
    God Bless America and those who serve and Died to make this country Great.!!!
    Happy Trails

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